5 Tips for What you Need to Eat to Lose Weight?

In this article, we’re going to present you several tips that will help you lose weight effectively and improve your overall health!

Keep A Food Journal

You have to know what you’re eating and drinking for every meal when you’re trying to improve your organism as well as lose weight. It’s not about the calories, but the food you’re taking. You won’t know whether you’re making a mistake and should make some changes if you forget what you’re eating or drinking.

We propose you to use a food journal! It will help you keep a record on how hungry you are before you eat, but also how satisfied and full you feel after you eat. Use this journal to record any physical or emotional sensations you have noticed after eating. These could appear in patterns and that will help you regulate your food routine. You’ll also be able to solve any body issues by keeping track of your hunger and satisfaction.

Eat More Carbs From Fruits And Vegetables

Make sure you eat more fruits and vegetables instead of processed carbohydrates. Whole foods are also more nutrient dense than processed foods. Fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than processed carbs which include bread and pasta. You should know this rule for any type of food: the darker it is in color, the more nutrient dense it is. For example, kale is more nutrient dense than iceberg lettuce; red meat is more nutrient dense than chicken breast. Make the most nutrient dense choice you can in order to have optimal health and lose weight more efficiently.

Don’t Be Afraid Of High Quality, Healthy Fats

Some of the most nutrient dense foods that exist are high quality fats. They are extremely important for optimal health and weight loss. Fats help you feel full and then you absorb the nutrition from your food. Make sure you include healthy fats at all of your meals, for example: a little olive oil or avocado on your salads, eating various fattier cuts of meat and some nut butter on your banana!

 Eat More Protein From Whole Food Sources

In order to have an optimal health and lose weight healthily, it’s very important to eat your food and not to drink your food. It means you have to chew your food which is one of the key things for an improved digestion. You must know when it’s enough for you so that you can stop. Eating protein means choosing more nutrient dense sources of protein like: beef, turkey, chicken, pork and not protein bars and protein powders.

Drink More Water And Less Alcohol

Hydration is extremely important in these cases of optimal health and weight loss. Drink more water even if you don’t want to! Make sure you have a good balance of electrolytes. For example, if your pee is clear, add some honey,sea salt or lemon juice into your water. Make sure you’re drinking water around your meals and not with them. If you drink water with your meals it will interfere with your digestive juices.

If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure you consider alcohol as a food rather than a drink. It will definitely interfere with your food processing.