The Most Vascular Bodybuilder Ever !!!

Flick through any fitness magazine and you’ll see page after page of big, shredded, vascular athletes who look like gods next to normal men, but we have a new King of Veins among us. Karl Anderson is a Swedish athlete who goes by the nickname “Carlito XXXL” and while the second half of that moniker might seem like boasting, you’ll soon see why it’s fully deserved.

Vascularity is particularly difficult to attain when packing on size due to the fact fat levels must be kept to a minimum — hard to accomplish when you’re working with a calorie surplus. Not for Carlito XXL, it seems, the Swedish tyrant whose chest has more ridges than a mountain range and legs that look more like a roadmap than any you’re likely to have seen before.

Of course, it’s fair to suggest we are no longer in the natural world; heaven knows what kind of training and supplement regimen it would take to maintain such mass and what we can only assume may be close to 5% body fat. In any case, it’s low. While Anderson may not be claiming any Mr. Olympia titles anytime soon, one area of the sport in which he’s likely to trump just about anyone is vascularity.

There must be so much haemoglobin running around those red blood cells of his that Carlito XXXL could use the moon for high-altitude training and still get enough oxygen into his veins.

Watch the video below…