Gracyanne Barbosa Leg Workout

Gracyanne Barbosa: Brazilian Booty Queen

Gracyanne Barbosa performs a wide variety of axial, anteroposterior, lateral, and rotary exercises in order to hit the glutes from multiple angles.

Gracyanne’s Workout Routine (Leg Day)

Deep Squat Behind The Cage 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Leg Press inclined at 45° 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Hack Squats 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Barbell Walking Lunges 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Deadlift 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Leg Extension 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Adductor machine 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Heel Raises 10-15 Reps x 3-4 Sets

Gracyanne squats heavier than any woman I have ever seen. Heck, even more than a lot of guys I know. She also goes all the way down.

I mean this girl really goes heavy.

Too add to that, she isolates heavy.

Gracyanne’s Diet

Plain omelettes, fish, chicken, tuna, and whey protein are the daily sources of Gracyanne’s protein, eating religiously every three hours. Everything is grilled or baked and she vows not to use even a drizzle of olive oil, oil or margarine. According to her, a good non-stick frying pan enough.

Carbohydrates are for sweet potatoes account, tapioca and oat bran, which have a low glycemic index and are gluten free. To accompany the main meals, she has a neat salad, and vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli.

The Takeaway

1.) Squat heavy. Leg press heavy.

2.) Isolate and stimulate your glutes from various angles.

3.) Keep that protein going in your system every 3–4 hours.

This should do it for you.