How To Build Bigger Forearms ?

Getting big forearms is a long journey. To get big forearms, you must thrive to work them and have the discipline to work them out often. Big forearms can sometimes be a blessing, but most people really need to work them out hard in order to get big forearms.

People, especially aspiring bodybuilders would like to get big forearms for the following reasons:
– Look better on stage and look stronger on every pose
– To be able to achieve stronger, firmer and bigger forearms to help them in all other lifts
– To have more stable forearms in order to lift heavier weights.
– To be able to increase grip strength and deadlift more weight

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Here are some exercises to build big forearms that you can do for faster growth and strengthening of your forearms muscles.

#1. Do your arm curls with boards. Grab a thin board and curl those arms. This will work efficiently on your arms and hand grip at the same time.

#2. Make use of hand grippers if available. This exercise apparatus is designed to build extreme hand strength which will lead to big forearms. They can be done frequently because forearms can take a lot of volume. Maintain at least 20 to 25 repetitions per set.

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#3. Have fun with finger push-ups. Execute your push-ups but instead of supporting yourself on the palm of your hands, try with your fingers. With time, you will see the big forearms come that you wish for. The stronger you get, the less fingers you can support yourself with. If you can achieve push-ups with only 3 fingers, then you have great grip strength and most certainly big forearms.

#4. Brick Challenge. Grab a set of bricks and walk with them as long as you can. Try to always increase the time you can support them.

#5. The Sledge Hammer Toss. Get a sledge hammer and toss it up in the air at the highest possible point that you can. This forearms workout will surely improve the strength of your forearms and certainly the size. This will get you big forearms in no time.

#6. Curls with plates. Do your regular curls but use plates instead of a bar. Hold the plates so it is horizontal with the floor. This forearms workout will improve your strength and balance.

#7. Forearms workout with the use of thick bars. Grab a thick bar and grip it as hard as you can. This will definitely improve you gripping power and will improve the condition of your tendons and ligaments. This is the single best exercise to get you big forearms fast. You can achieve big forearms without incorporating extra exercises in your routine.

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#8. Do forearms workout in high repetitions: Because your forearms are mainly slow twitch fibers dominant, they respond better to high repetitions and high volume. You can work them every other day if you wish. Don’t be afraid of overtraining.